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THEM International Detection Dog Institute believes that only the highest quality is good enough.


To sustain the quality of the dog teams (dog + handler) on the long term, THEM is offering the complete package of fully trained dogs, dog handler courses, and recurrent maintenance courses.


THEM is EU certified


The role of the dog handler is often underestimated. The success of a dog depends for an important part on the quality of the dog handler. THEM has developed intensive courses to bring the students to that high level.



Fully trained dogs, dog handler courses and maintenance courses for the following disciplines:

- Explosive detection (IED/ air cargo screening)* 

- Narcotic detection

- Cash detection

- Counterfeit medication detection

- Human scent detection 

- Mine detection

- Anti-poaching detection

- Patrol


- Dual purpose


 * The explosive detection dogs are trained on 12 basic explosive elements (real explosives, NOT pseudo odour elements). The dog handlers get standard trained as explosive detection dog handler and bomb scout IED



Other courses of THEM:

- Advanced instructor course

- Team leader dog teams (discipline specific)

- Decoy A and B


Clients of THEM are governmental and non-governmental organisations worldwide.


Contact THEM for further information and pricing.



It is not about us, it is about THEM. THEM is our society.