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THEM International Detection Dog Institute offers QUALITY ASSESSMENTS of detection dog teams (dog + handler).


Although a nose of a detection dog is better than any mechanical detection device, not every detection dog team is necessarily good; in this world there are huge differences in quality. On paper it can look great, but for a (security) manager or police chief - who has no background in training and educating detection dog teams - it is difficult to see if a detection dog team really does what it should do. 


The QUALITY ASSESSMENT of detection dog teams can be compared with an assessment program for new hires or a second opinion in a hospital, all with the same purpose: minimize the risk of mistakes.


Clients of THEM who ask for QUALITY ASSESSMENTS want to have the best detection dog teams and are organisations that:


·       Train and educate their own detection dog teams;

·       Buy fully trained detection dogs and dog handler courses;

·       Hire detection dog teams.


A QUALITY ASSESSMENT of detection dog teams by THEM helps:


·       Prevent reputation damage.

For example, a poor operating explosive detection dog team that misses an explosive/ bomb during a search action can damage the reputation of an airport, airline, hotel or even a country.

·       Prevent financial damage.

For example, evacuation of an airport, seaport or office building by a false alert of an explosive detection dog team as a result of poor training an education can cost (hundreds of) thousands of Euro's/ Dollars. 

·       And most important: save human lives.

THEM offers this service for all detection dog disciplines.


Feel free to contact THEM for more information about the structure of the assessment program, objectivity and the next steps.



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